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A Little Bit About Us

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Hey everyone!

Trevor, Katie, and Bodie here. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Hi friends, my name is Katie. I grew up in small-town Wisconsin, and went to college a whopping 30 minutes away from my hometown. During my first year at UW-Eau Claire I ran on the cross country & track teams. Track was never my favorite - I simply did it because it helped to keep me conditioned for cross country. Once I realized the college track season was six months long, I decided I’d had enough. I quit and ended up getting a job instead to help pay off my college expenses.

I’ve always loved animals. When I was young, I told everyone I would be a Vet one day. Obviously, this statement did not come true as I currently work as a CPA. But anyway, I have also always loved Bulldogs. With around a year & ½ left of college I decided I couldn’t wait any longer. I saved as much money as possible throughout my internship, and brought home Bodie after my last week on the job. I saved enough money to cover his initial vet bills, as well as to get me through at least six months of food, toys, treats, etc. My dad didn’t particularly love the idea of his college student daughter getting a dog going into her final year, but I knew it was the right decision for me. (Side note: after spending roughly 10 minutes with this dog, Dad was sold too - he’s about as much of a sucker when it comes to animals as I am!)

After college, I brought Bodie with me to Colorado, where I had accepted my first job. We both thrived in the dry heat and mild winters. We enjoyed long walks and/or easy hikes on the weekends. He has far more personality than most humans, and that is one of my favorite things about him.

I met Trevor on October 2, 2017. It was the first day of both of our second jobs. It took us a few months to admit it, but deep down, we knew from the minute we saw each other that something felt different. He’s my best friend in the world, and my biggest supporter. I’ll let him introduce himself now.

Whats up, everybody?! Katie said it best, it was that “at first sight” type of love. That day changed my life forever. Contrary to Katie, I grew up in southeast Kansas on a cattle farm. I spent all of my summer days bailing hay, feeding cattle and working on the farm. Throughout highschool I even showed cattle. You know, kinda like a dog show but with cows. It’s a pretty funny situation to think about if you have never been involved. I’ll have to tell you about it sometime. Alright, so yeah, I am a CPA as well. Accounting is the current position, but the entrepreneurial mindset is the passion that keeps the daily motivation and joy alive. After graduating from Kansas State University I moved to Denver, Colorado where I had accepted my first job in public accounting. That lasted 1 year and I was burnt out. Then, I joined a company where I was in a position to help start the Denver branch with 3 other people and one of those “other people” was Katie. SO, the journey begins.

After a year of working together, we decided we wanted more freedom. On a road trip to Katie’s second marathon in Salt Lake City, Utah, we came up with the idea of living & working remotely, out of an RV. Over the course of the next few months, we worked to make that a reality. Soon enough, we were living full-time out of our RV. We moved out of our downtown Denver apartment, and out to Golden, Colorado. While we got accustomed to the transition, we wanted to stay closer to a familiar place and our friends. We’ll talk more about the change in lifestyles in a later post.

WOOF! Hey friends! Bodie here. I’ve lived in a lot of different places. One thing that has been a constant is that my mom and dad are always there to hang out with me. I get to see and smell new places constantly, and it’s a lot of fun! Mom and dad do their best to be patient with me when I have to spend time smelling ALL of the new smells in a new place. Some of my favorite places I’ve been have been Colorado, and the beach. I like the dry heat because it makes it easier for me to breathe, and I like the beach because I can play in the water as much as I want! I am not a good swimmer, but I love to run around in the shallow water near the shore.

With that...here we are and welcome to our life. We hope to meet many new friends and share our experiences with everyone during these moments in our lives. Our intentions are to make you feel like you are right along with us. In terms of the real passion and what made us decide to start this “blog” is the desire to share the “Adventures with Bodie the English Bulldog” through an educational children’s storybook series. The storybooks will be interactive and depictive of our actual travels in each state. We are currently working on the first few states we have lived/traveled in, and will have an update on when they are scheduled to be available very soon. Live your life to the fullest for one life is all you are given! Chase the dreams and make sure to smile along the way!

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