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Been a Minute, Been a Mile

We Back!!!

Family, Friends, new Friends! We are back from what appeared to be a hiatus! The last time we talked we were just leaving the Carolina's and let's just say we have been a mile or two since then!

After visiting the Carolina's we spent time in Savannah, Georgia with new friends and the coolest thing we had in common..... they are also all full-time RVer's. And for the new friends (Jason and Jamie - You are already considered Full-timers). Savannah taught us about history, Generals who were disgusted by Spanish Moss (General Nathaniel Greene - and Spanish Moss still doesn't grow to this day in the town square where he is buried), OH AND for you Midwestern's who don't casually have alligators around, we met one! He just so happened to live in the campground pond we stayed at. We visited the historical Magnolia Gardens, introduced ourselves to the oldest living oak tree "Angel Oak" and even took a stroll down the famous Wormsloe Historic Site where of course we couldn't walk without saying "run Forest, run!" Bodie himself even made a few new friends!

#Florida also welcomed us with wide open beaches full of sunshine and of course "snowbirds". For you "snowbirds" out there, you know everything moves a bit slower down here in the winter! Snowbirds are what people call themselves when they leave the cold weather during the winter and live in a warm place instead. I just call them smart people! We joke but we are kind of serious.... we are "softies" now. With Katie being from Wisconsin and walking to school in negative temperatures, wearing every single scarf, sweater... I am even talking about cold enough weather that it makes you layer up on gloves. AND NOW, well, she is freezing at 65! I give her a hard time, but when I say "we are softies" - well, that means me too!

Our first stop in Florida was near Daytona at the small beach town of Flagler. One afternoon we took a quick trip up the coast to visit the Oldest Town in America, St. Augustine.

For those of you who know Bodie, you know if there is a beach, he demands that we hit it!

For me (Trevor), the only other time I had ever been to Florida was during my internship acceptance for PwC, and that trip involved disney. You might think "WHAT, DISNEY!" and he didn't even capitalize it, no exclamation point?! Ya, I should have let you know I could throw up simply by driving past a playground and/or catching a glimpse of a merry-go-round! I know some of you reading this are "ride junkies" - and I think you are nuts! How can you jump into a line of standing, smiling people and the constant message on the speaker repeats "please reconsider your choice to ride this ride it will cause motion sickness". AND YOU SMILE!!! Crazy!! So if you were wondering if we hit any amusement parks while in Florida, I think you can now make an assumption.

Looking at some of those pictures above, the memory that pulls on our hearts the most was the sunsets! The sounds of the waves crashing on the beach and watching the tide roll out makes you feel humbled knowing the strength of the ocean but also the peace that comes with it! It's another life in the ocean that we are amazed to see every time we visit the beach, or an aquarium, or even when we catch a show on shark week! This leads to a question below. Keep reading - we want to know your choice!

Clearwater, St. Petersburgh, Tampa, Ft Myers and Gainesville, Florida were all other cities we visited while in FL. Clearwater was by far the most beautiful beach we have stepped foot on. The sand, it was like velvet! You could just pick it up and let it filter through your fingers and it felt so pure. St. Petersberg also allowed us to catch up with Blake and Rachel (@thisisnomadic) who are also fulltime nomads that just so happened to be in FL on a filming project. We enjoyed dinner and shared stories about life on the road.

Next up, Tampa! Huge shout out to Jason & Jamie (Jamie, if you are reading this, I bet you are at an 8.75 by now) for showing us around their city! Little back story here: Jason & Jamie were our neighbors in Savannah, GA at Redgate Farm RV Park. As the week went on while we were in Savannah we got to know each other and found out that Jason & Jamie were actually on their first RV trip and the ultimate goal of the trip was to decide if this was something they could do fulltime. Long story short, they will be fulltimers by October 2020! Check out their awesome video below showing their adventures in Savannah that were also many of the places we visited in Savannah. Bodie even made an appearance on camera talking about his new books!

Fort Myers is where we called Christmas home for 2019! It was a bit different being in FL for Christmas for 2 reasons. One being the fact that it was 80 degrees. Being from the midwest, it's NEVER 80 in December! Secondly, not being around family was a bit different. Our conclusion is that we will either be somewhere its snowing on Christmas or we will be with family. One of our gifts to each other this year was horseback riding and a few new pieces of camera gear. We are considered newbies when it comes to our drone but we wanted to share our new eyes in the sky. Enjoy the clip below that is considered our first drone edit.

Oh yeah - Gainesville! Almost forgot to mention this was our first state park camping and WE LOVE IT! No more crowded RV parks for us!

Question for comment! Are you a beach or mountain person!? We are having such a hard time deciding. One minute we say we have to live by the ocean and the next minute we say we miss the mountains. Let us know your choice by just commenting on the post. Happy New Year to everyone! Our 2020 moto is to Make Life an Adventure!

PS - Another post coming really soon featuring a podcast we were invited to join and a school reading where we read our Adventures with Bodie the English Bulldog in Kansas to over 800 elementary school kids!

- Travelin' Banditos

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