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Bodie's YouTube Channel

You read it right!!! Bodie now has his own YouTube Channel.


For all of you avid family/friends/followers of our wild journey, you can now watch real life videos of Bodie in true action showing his best personality. We hope the channel will make you feel like you are really on our journey with us as we encourage you to connect with us and comment on our videos as we continue to provide laugher and bring smiles to everyone faces.

Within YouTube you can subscribe to his channel which will give you an alert every time a new video is posted. If you have ever met Bodie, you know he is not lacking in the personality department. So be ready for a good laugh! We will be uploading these videos real time to make you feel even more connected with us.

LIFE IS SHORT, LIVE A LITTLE AND WATCH SOME BULLDOG VIDEOS! And don't forget to share these with the kiddos!

REMINDER: The limited edition pre sale window closes this Friday October 4th at midnight.

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