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Carolina, She's Mighty Fine

It's been a minute since we caught you up on our adventures rather than those of Bodie! So, it's our time to shine now.

First thing first! Holy Croci or Hooooly Shit, whichever you prefer! That's what we said this week when we found out that there is casually a 12-foot alligator that lives at the RV park fishing pond in #Charleston #SouthCarolina. Let's just say that Trevor was a little closer than he should have been to snap this photo.

We have been bouncing around the Carolina's for the last month and a half. In #Raleigh NC we caught the state fair, and man do you forget how many vendors sell funnel cakes. One of the "biggest" attractions at the #NorthCarolinaStateFair this year was the new state record pumpkin. Weighing in at 1,506.5 lbs. That thing would definitely cover your pumpkin pie recipe for the holiday!

#DurhamNC was another town we spent a few afternoons in. We bummed around the small downtown #AmericanTobacooDistrict. Lots of shops and restaurants that were placed in the renovated tobacco warehouses that still had a scent of the sweet tobacco that was once stored there. Fun fact: Durham is called #BullCity and got its name from the late Blackwell Tobacco Company. So we naturally had to take a picture with the famous bull. Well..... Katie thought she was pretty funny & I just so happened to have the camera out and ready! Heads Up, No Katie Don't...LOL!

Raleigh was also our second concert since we have been traveling. What a show! We saw #BonIver at #PNCarena. What an incredible show - he never lets us down!

#Charleston SC was our next big stop and if you are still reading this now, you know we had quiet the friendly RV park addition (the alligator above). Our campground in Charleston #OakPlantationCampground was actually a 150 acre working plantation during the slavery era. Speaking of plantations, we visited #MagnoliaPlantation which has the only natural romantic style gardens in the US. The plantation was filled with birds, bamboo, alligators, ponds and giant trees with Spanish moss hanging from the limbs. This place looked like something from a movie. One of the most recognized places in Magnolia Plantation is the "long white bridge", so of course we had to snap a picture.

Oh, and we can't forget about the Angle Oak tree! It is estimated to be 400-500 years old and 60 ft tall. It has seen the times for sure. Surviving recessions, world wars, bell bottom pants and even the hippies.

If any of you have been on an aircraft carrier, you know how MASSIVE they are. We went out to #PatriotsPoint thinking we'd check it out for a couple hours and then have time to explore downtown before dinner. We were wrong! The aircraft carrier alone took us over three hours to explore, and that was before we got to the destroyer & submarine! The amount of technology & innovation that was put into those ships during the WWII era is truly incredible. We were in awe! And if you need a Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, feel free to borrow this one that was used on the ship!

In-line with your typical October festivities, we carved #pumpkins together for the first time ever as well! It shouldn't surprise anyone that both of our carvings were Bodie-inspired.

Downtown #Charleston was full of life. There were so many awesome places to eat, fun shops, and beautiful places to explore. #CharlestonHarbor and #TheBattery were a couple of our favorites. We met up with another full-time RV couple (Jess & Harry) who we met through #Instagram for the first time ever, and we had a blast! We hung out, biked on the beach & played bocce ball at #IsleofPalms until the sun set, and then grabbed a late dinner at #PoesTavern on #SullivansIsland. I (Katie) had my first burger with an over-easy egg on it (idk why I waited so long to try one, it was great). Trevor DEVOURED a plate of fish & chips.

Jess & Harry have been RVing for almost a year like us. Harry is originally from the UK and was Raised in Kansas City, so he's a Chiefs fan............. you know we had to give him a hard time for that! For Thanksgiving we will be seeing Jess & Harry again, along with 9 other fulltime couples for an RV Friendsgiving in Savannah, GA! It is going to be blast! Even though we all "fulltime RV" everyone one of us does it differently. For instance some people only stay in state parks, we stay in RV parks, and some others boondock all the time. We are so excited to meet up with everyone! We will be sure to share lots of pictures and let you know how cooking a turkey goes in an RV oven in our next post.

đź“š SOFTCOVER BOOKS AVAILABLE NOW: Adventures with Bodie in Kansas & Colorado are on our website here. We might be biased, but we think the books get funnier with every state!

Ta Ta for now folks!

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