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First 6 Months on the Road

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Whats up Everybody! We hope you are having a good week! It has come to our attention that question we get asked the most is "Where have you been so far?", so we decided to put together a little destination log of each place we have stayed with some of our favorite pictures from the time spent in each location.

We hope you enjoy. Let us know if you have visited any of the sites we mention or if you have recommendations for us. We are currently on the east coast in Maine and will be heading south before winter sets on.

New Home: FIRST HOME – Dakota Ridge RV Park

City/State: Golden, Colorado

Length of Stay: 4 weeks

Miles traveled: 20 miles

Weather: 8-70 Degrees and lots of snow

Favorite thing about RV Park: Trail to bluff that overlooked downtown Denver/Mountains

Best food had: Sherpa House Indian Food

Coolest place visited: Thunder Valley Motocross Park (next door)

Best memory: Frozen pipes living in 0 degree temperatures, grilling in a snow storm, wind vortex that shook the RV and moved the slides.

First Month in RV! Colorado did what it does best!

New Home: Mountain Valley RV Resort

City/State: Heber City, Utah

Length of Stay: 8 weeks

Miles traveled: 514 miles

Weather: Cold, Snowy, Sunny, Rain

Favorite thing about RV Park: Hot tub & dog parks

Best food had: Lola’s Street Kitchen

Coolest place visited: Snowmobiling/Snow Shoeing at Daniels Summit

Best memory: Marathon training and seeing the mountain range while running. Thoe Family Visit.

Daniel's Summit Lodge Snowmobile Area

New Home: Dukes Slickrock Campground

City/State: Hanksville, Utah

Length of Stay: 5 Days

Miles traveled: 220 miles

Weather: 90 and sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Location in comparison to all Parks

Best food had: BBQ @ Slickrock Grille, Oreo Shake @ Blondies

Coolest place visited: Arches National Park, Dead Horse Point, Capitol Reef National Park, Canyonlands National Park

Best memory: Razr rental - we almost ran out of gas way out in the desert!

Dead Horse Point State Park

Swing Arm City OHV Area - Caineville, UT

New Home: Lake Powell

City/State: Lake Powell, Utah

Length of Stay: 4 Days

Miles traveled: 67 miles

Weather: 65 and some rain

Favorite thing about RV Park: View of Lake Powell

Best food had: Home grilled steaks

Coolest place visited: Lake Powell

Best memory: Untouched landscape of Lake Powell

Campsite on Lake Powell

Boat day on Lake Powell. Safety first!

New Home: Pony Express RV Park

City/State: Salt Lake City, Utah

Length of Stay: 2 weeks

Miles traveled: 302 Miles

Weather: 70 Sunny a bit rainy

Favorite thing about RV Park: 35 miles of trail for Marathon training

Best food had: The Ramen Bar, Saffron Valley Colonial (Indian)

Coolest place visited: Salt Lake City Zoo

Best memory: Albright Family Visit and cold air-bed nights with Mom/Grandma

Sunset view from atop of the RV in Salt Lake City

New Home: Dakota Ridge RV Park

City/State: Golden, Colorado

Length of Stay: 2 Weeks

Miles traveled: 521 miles

Weather: 75 and Sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: 2nd time here

Best food had: All our favorite Denver locations (Uncle Ramen, Sherpa House, Machete Tacos)

Coolest place visited: Friends

Best memory: Katie Marathon #3 completed with PR, Trevor Marathon First AND Last!

Revel Rockies Marathon! PR set by Katie 6/2/2019

New Home: Acorns Resort RV

City/State: Milford, KS

Length of Stay: 10 Days

Miles traveled: 496 Miles

Weather: 85 mostly sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Lake views

Best food had: So Longs in Manhattan Kansas

Coolest place visited: Milford Lake

Best memory: Kayak trip ending in 3 miles of pouring rain paddling back to shore.

Proof that we paddled in the rain for 3 miles that day!

Nothing like another day at the office!

New Home: Lake Haven RV

City/State: Indianapolis, Indiana

Length of Stay: 1 week

Miles traveled: 570 Miles

Weather: 85 and Sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Sunset views

Best food had: Three Sisters Café and Ice Cream on the Monon Trail

Coolest place visited: Monon Bike Trail – 40 mile day on the bikes exploring the city, paddle boat on the canal

Best memory: Sunrise yoga on the canal and cultural bike trail

Sunset Trail Ride on the Cultural Trail

Just a little visit with Peyton Manning!

New Home: Indian Brave Campground

City/State: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Length of Stay: 1 week

Miles traveled: 366 Miles

Weather: 90 and Sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Swimming Pool

Best food had: Sandwiches at Frick Park Market, German Spaetzle @ Harmony Inn

Coolest place visited: Schenley Park – Vintage Grand Prix car show and race

Best memory: Ahava Tattoo’s

Roberto Clemente Lock Bridge

Vintage Grand Prix Car Show & Race Day

New Home: Pinecreek Campground

City/State: Ithaca, New York

Length of Stay: 1 week

Miles traveled: 355 Miles

Weather: 80 and Sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Winding road leading to Campground

Best food had: Mix Tapas

Coolest place visited: Watson Glen, Robert H. Treman State Park, Taughannonck, Buttermilk State Park, Cayuga Lake

Best memory: Hiking waterfalls

Taughannock Falls State Park

New Home: Lone Pine Campsites

City/State: Burlington, Vermont

Length of Stay: 2 week

Miles traveled: 281 Miles

Weather: 80 and Sunny

Favorite thing about RV Park: Close to Lake Champlain

Best food had: American Flat Bread, Mark BBQ, Skinny Pancake

Coolest place visited: Causeway Bike Trail

Best memory: Dinner at Splash at the Boathouse on Lake Champlain and Golfing – Links at Lang Farm

We are saving Maine for its own post..... Mainely because it's been our favorite!

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