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It's Bodie's World, and We're Just Living in it!

Bodie has always had quite the personality. It’s one of our favorite things about him. Katie actually often jokes that he “has more personality than most humans”. And to be honest, she’s right. We thought it would be fun to let you all in on a little more about the star of the show himself. With that, let’s get to it!

Here are 10 facts you may or may not know about our four-legged best friend:

1. He will never fail to stink up the space. Truck, RV, veterinary office, grandma’s house - doesn’t matter, this guy will get the job done.

2. He has us trained very well. What we mean by this is that once he figured out that when he cries by the door (indicating he needs to go to the bathroom), he gets to go outside. Well, now he does it just so he can go lay in the sun.

3. He will eat just about any fruit or vegetable, with the exception of carrots. The only problem is he won’t just spit the carrot out - instead, he chews it up, and then he spits it out. We believe it is his way of getting back at us for trying to feed him such a distasteful snack.

4. When he gets cold at night, he will come up to the top of the bed and paw at the covers until we let him underneath to go lay by our feet. Like I said, he has us trained well.

5. To Bodie, the only thing better than a good old walk around the park, would be sprint intervals on the beach. We don’t know what it is, but something about the shallow water & sand just gets this dude going. He could do beach sprints all day!

6. When Bodie has decided its bed time, he lets us know. He will sit at the top of the stairs and cry until someone opens the bedroom door and lets him up on the bed. Sometimes though, when the door is open, he’ll just go up there on his own & tuck himself into bed.

7. He has recently discovered that the top of the couch is the best spot for watching the squirrels outside.

8. Bodie isn’t huge into playing with toys. That is, unless that toy happens to be his green squeaker ball. He could entertain himself for HOURS with that thing. And yes, it has to be the green one. He has the same ball in multiple colors, but will only play with the green one.

9. Bodie is a LOVER! We still don’t know how he learned this, but when you say “Good Morning, Bodie” he will wake up (and I’m talking, out of a DEAD sleep) and lunge up to the top of the bed to give you hugs (full-blown, 50lb animal laying on top of you hugs), and kisses.

10. He knows what he likes. Doesn’t matter if your family or if you met him 30 seconds ago, he WILL request a butt rub from you. He is sneaky in how he presents this: he will walk up to you like he’s going to let you scratch his head & immediately upon contact, will whip his butt around and force you to give butt scratches instead.

I am sure all our your pets also have funny corky things they do. We want to know about them and share the laughs with you. Feel free to comment and post pictures of your furry friends in action.

LIMITED EDITION Book release video coming SOON! Stay tuned!

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