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Fort Scott Elementary schools... THANK YOU!

Those of you that know and for those of you who have not heard, we just returned to Gulf Shores, AL from Fort Scott, KS. It was a trip we spent primarily with family. We usually do what we call "Newton Christmas" in early January because it's a guarantee that everyone will be there - including us!

While we were there it worked out perfectly for us to read our third book, Adventures with Bodie the English Bulldog in Kansas, to both elementary schools. There were almost 700 kids, 1st grade through 5th grade, that laughed and shared our stories. They had tons of questions, anything from "Where are you going next?" to "How much does Bodie eat?" to "Does Bodie even like to travel?" All great questions and exactly what we want to happen when children read our books. Be curious, ask questions, we love it!

If you want to grab a copy of Bodie's adventures in Kansas (or Wisconsin, or Colorado), head on over to our bookstore here.

P.S. Our biggest fan of Adventures with Bodie is (Trevor's) little cousin Ridge. Just check out that smile and that shirt! Love you Ridge and more books coming.

Another recent and exciting opportunity that Adventures with Bodie has allowed us to take part in was being a guest on "Language During Mealtime" the podcast hosted by Speech Language Pathologist, Becca Eisenberg. Check it out here as we talk more in depth about our travels, inspiration and where we are headed next!

If you have any family, friends, children, or students interested in joining us for a reading of one of our childrens books reach out and we are happy to do a live session through Youtube!

Small request from us to you! Let us know if you enjoy reading our posts or if you want to see more pictures and less stories or more frequent and less organized. We are so thankful for your support as we adventure.

- TnK

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