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Life's Transition to the RV

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Hello Friends & Family! We are happy to have you following along in our adventures. Now, just to set the record straight, when you hear that we "travel full-time", it may sound amazing and you may wish to do it as well. So, we thought we would talk a little bit about the difference in lifestyle that we have noticed.

It started with the reduction in "things". It was WILD! Keep note we were only living in a one bedroom apartment in downtown Denver. We knew that even moving from the one bedroom to the RV was going to require us to downsize on some things. First, we had to get rid of literally every piece of furniture we owned.

Then, for me (Trevor), believe it or not, it was downsizing on shoes. Its okay to be shocked, because I was shocked as well when I started packing them all up. (I questioned, what the hell am I doing with all these shoes?) I'll blame it on the prior requirement to wear more than just shorts, a t-shirt and maybe shoes to work. #workingfromhome has changed that requirement for us now.

Move-in day! Believe it or not, this all fit!

Clothes..... my, oh my! You never know how many you have until you say ok, five 40-gallon trash bags full is enough for THIS donation run to #goodwill. Then, the next week, you have five more, and its like, WHERE DID ALL THIS COME FROM?! Needless to say, we are six months into living on the road & we still think we can get rid of more clothes, just because we don't wear them. It has been agreed upon that having less clothes/things gives us a sense of freedom.

This is not a recommendation to run into your closet right now & start filling bags; but next time you walk into your closet, just take an inventory & think about whether or not you wear all of your clothes. A little bit of spring cleaning may give you a little free-feeling buzz.

This guy is always hard at work....more like hardly working!

Side note: Our RV is a 36 foot #granddesignreflection with 3 slides. That being said, we do still have ample space, which is primarily filled with Katie's yoga/workout clothes :). If you need any, and I mean ANY advice on yoga or workout clothes, Katie is your girl! Just hit us with a comment.

Home sweet home!

Alright, life on the road! We really do enjoy it, but it has it's stressful moments considering that you must book reservations for where you are going to live for the next week, 2 weeks or month in advance. That is, if you are not boondocking. We typically move locations every 2 weeks, which means we have to be on top of our reservations. We are able to stay ahead on our reservations by using #campendium and #thousandtrails. Campendium is a mobile app that allows us to search RV parks based on location. Thousand Trails is an RV membership program with over 80 parks throughout the US where we are able to stay for free. We'll talk more about the parks we stay at in another post.

Two things are critical to us when we book reservations:

#1 is internet signal. We need to have that for work, and

#2 is a gym. For the gym aspect, we have found that in most places we've been, there has alway been an #anytimefitness and/or a #planetfitness, so we have memberships to both.

The next stressful aspect of living on the road is moving day. Its pack up, make sure everything is put away, slides in, hook up, and on the road. At this point we are pretty efficient at this, meaning we can get it done in about 30 minutes. Having your house packed up & headed down the highway at 70 mph in 30 minutes is a pretty incredible thought, and we are thankful to have the ability to do it.

And finally, our GPS! We live with #applemaps or #googlemaps turned on at all times. We look up directions to everything: grocery store, gas stations with diesel, restaurants, the gym, biking trails, and quickest roads to the ocean - you name it - we have to look up directions.

Those have been our top 3 when it comes to stressful situations living on the road. Shoot us an email or drop a comment below if you want to know more, or want to connect. We'd love to meet you!

Ithaca, NY - Ithaca Falls

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