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Maine: Cheap Lobster

Hey everyone!

The time has come & gone, and we have finally left the beautiful state of #Maine. The state deserves the slogan that we got accustomed to seeing: "Maine: #Vacationland". During the month we spent in Maine, we visited #PortlandMaine #BarHarborMaine and #WellsMaine. We started in Portland, which is where Trevor renewed his love for lobster. $6 a lobster is very hard to pass up when the market is less than a mile from the campground - more specifically, #WassamkiSpringsCampground.

Keep in mind, the ultimate goal of our entire adventure since leaving Denver was to reach the ocean as quickly as possible. Our first sight of the ocean was at #CrescentBeachStatePark. The sand in our feet & the ocean waves crashing in our ears made the 2,100 mile journey worth it. During our time in Maine you could have found our sand covered feet at #PinePointBeach #OldOrchardBeach #CapeElizabeth #SouthPortland #TwoLightsStatePark and the #PortlandHeadlight

Portland held our hearts for about 2 weeks. Our next stop was Bar Harbor, and of course, the beautiful #AcadiaNationalPark. We have noticed that 2 weeks in each location sometimes feels too short, as we still work full time during the week. That being said, all of our exploring and sight seeing happens during the evenings and weekends. When we decided to head to the Bar Harbor area, we knew we'd only have 4-5 days there, so we made a point to take off work & make it a vacation.

First up on the vacation itinerary was #BarHarborWhaleWatchingCo. On our first attempt to head out to sea on the 55ft whale watching boat, Trevor chickened out due to the warning the Captain gave about sea sickness. They ended up cancelling the rest of the whale watching trips that day because the sea was so rough. When we heard that, we were SO happy we were patient & waited until the next day.

This led us to head up to Acadia National Park a day earlier than we thought we would go. If you have ever wondered what the east coast looks like in Maine, and have imagined a rocky coast lined with tall beautiful pine trees, you were spot on. The sight of the ocean crashing against the coastline while watching sail boats off in the distance are memories we will never forget.

Attempt #2 for whale watching was a success, a HUGE success! The boat ride out to sea took roughly 2 hours, and we covered nearly 55 miles, ultimately ending up in Canadian waters. (We weren't expecting a trip to Canada that day, but I guess sometimes you just have to go with the flow. And, if you're on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you go where the boat goes!)

Finally, we had reached the area where the whales were. The excitement was real! These animals are 40-50ft long and can weigh 66,000lbs. Seeing them breach and blow water was surreal. During the trip we encountered whale activity that doesn't happen often. The whale we were following actually rolled over onto its back and thrashed it's tail on the ocean surface for almost 2 minutes. Believe it or not, this whale's tail is likely between 16 & 20 feet wide. Unreal! This activity was assumed to be communication with other whales in the area. In the video below you can hear the thrashing and the sound of his tail (called flukes). Let us introduce you to the star of the show, Basmati the Humpback Whale.

Next Stop: Wells, Maine #SeaVuCampground which was right on the ocean. Early mornings were spent sitting on the beach, watching the sunrise while reading #RiseandGrind by Daymond John. In the evenings, our maybe too-often dinner go-to was pizza on the beach, typically followed by wandering off for a bit of Bodie's favorite activity..... #BeachSprints! Bodie is probably the fastest #EnglishBulldog on earth when it comes running sprints on the beach. Just check out these pictures! #SpeedyBulldog

We could go on & on about how beautiful Maine is, but Mainely, we just wanted to tell you it was our favorite place visited thus far. Cold winters & pesky mosquitos might keep Maine as a vacation state for us, rather than a live-in state. If you are considering visiting, go for it. You will not regret it!

Thank you for following along with our journey!

*We also have our first Children's book very close to pre-sale release, so stay tuned!*

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