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RV Fails - Everyone Has 'Em

Hey Everyone!

Its another week which means we are logging miles and seeing new places. For the next 2 weeks we will be in #VirginiaBeach, #Virginia. Nothing really planned here other than surfing. And yes this will be the first time "ocean surfing". A couple weeks ago, we learned how to "wake surf" from our good friends Arthur & Simone from #Meredith, #NewHampshire. They had graciously invited us to join them at their home for a week. AND YES, we just parked the RV in their driveway and called it home!

Changing it up a bit, we figured a post about some of the #RVFails we have experienced, hoping it would give everyone a good laugh (including us since it is now AFTER the fact of these occurrences). Hope you enjoy and can maybe relate to any of these in your own way. Feel free to comment and share with us as we would love to hear about your #RVFails or #CampingFails.

"That Must be a REALLY Big Bridge..."

It was a long travel day from #Ithaca, #NewYork to #Burlington, #Vermont. Stress was already running a little higher than normal, as our GPS took us through a tiny town with a low bridge. A bridge low enough that it would have ripped our A/C units off the top of the camper, had we not been paying attention. Luckily there was a church right next to the bridge that we used as turnaround. (Thank you Jesus). Now some of you may know and some may not, but you don't just get to "turn around" a 36 foot feet wheel with a 5 point turn. Its takes some thinking and planning. This is when it dawned on us that #GoogleMaps might not always be the best choice when it comes to RV travel, so we downloaded #TruckMap & have been using that ever since. Anyway, in case you aren't familiar with the NY / VT border, there is a large body of water that covers most of it (#LakeChamplain). A few hours after the low bridge mishap, we were making our way through the #Adirondacks & nearing what we ignorantly believed to be a bridge. As we got closer, that body of water started to appear much larger than we had originally thought. Come to find out, there was actually no bridge. The only way across that body of water was on a ferry, and we (ignorantly, once again) assumed there was no way they'd allow an RV on the ferry. So, we turned the rig around once again & tacked on an additional 3-4 more hours of driving to that day driving back down and around Lake Champlain. Come to find out the ferry would indeed allow RVs to travel across on it. So lessons learned. 1) Don't always just start driving following the GPS. 2) Take the Ferry if there is one, why? Because its a ferry and you can put your "house" on it. 3) Use a Trucker GPS.

"It's HOW Cold in Here?"

We spent our first month in the RV in #Golden, #Colorado. It was February and we were lucky enough to have negative temperatures for the better part of two weeks. This is not typical of the Denver area believe it or not. During those two weeks, we went through propane like crazy. Propane is the main source of heat in our camper, after all. We were switching over / refilling 30LBS tanks every 2-3 days. Now, on one of those ridiculously chilly nights, someone (cough cough Trevor) had forgotten to switch over to the propane tank that was full. When we went to bed, the camper was a nice & cozy 68 degrees, which is where we typically kept the thermostat. Apparently it didn't stay like that for long, because when we woke up, it was not so nice & cozy. Katie crawled out of bed to check the thermostat. FOURTY-FIVE DEGREES. The reaction to that and the fact that when I (Trevor) woke up seeing my breath I knew instantly I forgot to switch tanks. So at 2:30 in the morning, I (Trevor) am outside cussing myself while switching propane tanks in the snow wearing just shorts. Thankfully, our "house" is only 36 feet long, and so it warmed back up in no time.

"Was that our Exit?"

It was a beautiful September day & we had embarked on our adventure down the #EastCoast from New Hampshire. Next Stop: #NewJersey! Shortly after another stressful #TravelDay situation ("uncomfortably low on fuel"), we were nearing #NYC. The plan was obviously to go AROUND the city. That was, until someone (if you guessed Trevor, you're correct!) missed an exit. He'd likely blame it on the fact that the #TruckMap app doesn't verbalize directions like #AppleMaps or #GoogleMaps does. But that excuse is only valid if you are someone who leaves your phone on vibrate at all times. Lesson Learned! Anyway, we ended up in NYC, roughly 2 miles from #Manhattan. If you plan on going to NYC anytime soon, DON'T DRIVE, and definitely don't pull an RV behind you. To put it kindly, people drive like absolute maniacs. It was insane! Buses, Semis, Trucks, Cars all driving like motorcycles and lane splitting. We made it out with the collection of only 2 Middle Finger Trophy Awards. I'd say thats probably an average day!

"Oh Shit...Almost"

Alright so if any of you are fellow RV'ers or have ever camped in an RV you understand that there are Grey Tanks and Black Tanks. Well the saying is "everyone has their "shit" story". If you hang around a campfire long enough talking to other campers this story always comes out and everyone laughs like there is no tomorrow, unless you are the one telling the "shit" story. So to spare details i'll make ours quick. February, first month in the camper, forecast is a high of 22 degrees for the next 3 days and our Black tank is full. Per normal, I (Trevor) head out to take care of my outside duties. I say they are my outside duties as I usually take care of the tanks since we made a deal. Katie does dishes, Trevor does tanks. Fair right?! Well believe it or not, I'd say I (Trevor) have the better end of the deal. Usually it's just pull levers, drain, rinse. EASY! Except when your exit lever is FROZEN shut and you already pulled the drain levers on the Black Tank. YUPP! The shit story begins here! I'll end it quickly. Once I realized the exit lever was frozen, I knew the only way to solve this problem would be to remove the sewer hose and somehow heat the lever until it started to thaw & open. That is when I had the brilliant idea to grab the propane torch. At first, not much was happening and I was getting a little impatient. (Note, it is roughly 8 degrees outside.) So naturally, I turned the propane torch all the way up! All of the sudden, the lever began to slightly unfreeze. I dropped the propane torch & reached for the disconnected sewer hose as fast as I possibly could. Lets say, I have been known to be quick but I have NEVER been that quick, in my entire life. I got it connected JUST IN TIME! And then I sat there in the snow and just laughed knowing that was the closest I have ever been to a "shitty situation".

We hope all of you enjoyed some of our life on the road events. Stay tuned our FIRST Adventures with Bodie #Wisconsin Children's book will be coming out very soon! More updates coming soon.

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